About Me

I love economics, and I study it a great deal on my own time to supplement my formal study of it (BS in economics in May 2022, grad school aspirations thereafter), but few in my immediate social circle share my passion, so I use this blog as an outlet.

I like to take cues from econ blogs I enjoy reading and post links to articles and studies and news and tidbits from around the web every now and again, and while I intend to (and do) write and publish original content, too, I don’t necessarily do so with any preset regularity.

In addition, I’m politically libertarian and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and my religious and political views sometimes come up in my writings. The main focus of this blog, however, tends to be econ-related.

“When I argue for markets I am rejecting one-size-fits-all solutions to perceived problems. I am rejecting centralized, expert rule because experts never have the information, knowledge, ability, or incentives to know what ought to be done. Rejecting experts means accepting the amazingly complex systems of human interaction.”

Randy T. Simmons, Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure