A Proposal to Repeal the Current Federal Minimum Wage, Invalidate Existing State Minimum Wages, and Preclude Future Wage Floor Legislation in Perpetuity

[This is a third assignment from a previous semester. As with the second essay reproduced here on Ignore This, this assignment is but lightly edited, and it maintains its in-text citations and bibliography. In this case, the purpose for keeping these components is to maintain the overall character of the assignment (a practical proposal addressed to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) that, who knows, maybe I'll actually submit to the man sometime in the future).]

A Brief Survey of the History of Economic Thought

[This is a second essay from an earlier semester. Unlike the first essay that was reproduced on Ignore This, this essay maintains both its bibliography and in-text citations. I think this is for the best given that I cite mostly books here, hyperlinks for which are difficult to obtain and which, in any event, would doubtless be confusing for readers because I know of no way to link directly to the relevant passages. Like the previous essay, though, the following has been only lightly edited.]